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Meet The Maker

Welcome to my pottery world! I'm Nina.


My ceramic journey began in 2019, and since then, my passion has grown stronger. Starting out as a hobby, most of my experience is self taught, learning through trial and error, and allowing my style to organically develop. I now specialise in various forms of pottery, from the alchemy of Raku to throwing, casting and hand building.

My creative process involves taking inspiration from nature, and you'll see how my works is inspired by flowers from my garden and local woodland, especially in my Raku creations. I take pride in the emotional connection people feel with my work and the way it speaks to them. Seeing my pottery find its forever home is a truly wonderful experience, and I am grateful that people want to add my creations to their lives.

My studio is my happy place. It's a cosy and chaotic atmosphere, rules are forgotten, and experimentation is welcomed. It's a space where I continuously question what is possible and push the boundaries of my craft.

I want my pottery to be personal, just like you are. Each piece I create is as special and unique as the person who chooses it. No two are alike, and I believe that's what makes them truly extraordinary.

Thank you for visiting my pottery website. I hope my creations speak to you and bring a touch of beauty and joy to your life.

Nina at a pottery wheel throwing a vase
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